Tesla model S : Future of Cars

Is Tesla Model S The Future of Cars?

Tesla model S : Future of Cars
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With remote parking, semi auto-pilot and wireless connectivity, is Tesla's Model S future of cars as we know today?

Being one of the most high-tech cars on road today, Tesla Model S has a lot to offer making it an alluring choice for buyers. Tesla also offers a wide range of variants from $72,700.

From the outside there's little that gives away what's under the armor of Model S. The body is quite attractive and appealing, but those impressed by futuristic concept cars may be bit disappointed that Tesla didn't opt for more exotic design. It has front trunk (no engine).

The interior of Tesla Model S, however, is a complete game changer. There's a 17-inch HD touch screen in place of a confused heap of buttons. This is like a control hub of the Model S from where you have command over most of the car.

It also has a full glass panoramic roof that opens with a swipe on screen which selects what percentage to open the sunroof by. The car also has 360 degree sonar sensors with real-time traffic updates; it can also detect a parking spot and park itself. It also has few of the most advanced safety features a car can house like the Bio-Weapon Defense mode which removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust, bacteria, and other contaminants to protect the occupants.

Like a modern day Smartphone, this is all under command of an operating system (OS) that's easy to use. It also uses its own sim card and can download updates wirelessly, just like your phone. The updates also add to the never ending features list from the customer feedbacks. You can also use Tesla's voice command to control music, get directions and much more. The Tesla mobile app lets you check the car's battery or pre-cool the car before a ride.

Driving the Tesla S is a futuristic experience in itself. Inside, the only noise the car makes is the melodious sound of the motor when your foot hits the floor. The acceleration is something you won't expect from a completely electric car, 0-60 miles/hour in 3.2 seconds (for model P85D). It has a 4,696 cc engine that generates 389 HP@6,400 RPM. Reckless driving will drain your battery though. The ride range is something between 257 to 350 miles; however it may vary under certain conditions along with model variants. The charging with the special power outlet takes about 6 hours to get a full charge. Although most trips fit in that range you wouldn't want to rely on batteries alone for longer distances. It also houses KERS like technology i.e. when braking; the car puts excess energy into charging the battery. Even the little details like Tesla's key, which is transmitter shaped as a car. All this and a lot more along with some top of the class engineering makes Tesla S one of the best cars money can buy. 

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I feel Tesla is still ahead of us in technology, when we all start going to alternative energy Tesla will be there already. They will then be leading the way as a giant in the industry. I am into technology and cars so when they are combined together in that level it is a thing of beauty.


I don't have any idea about the features or specifications of a car but this is I think the best car ever invented in history. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks a lot for your outlook, I really appreciate it. Do share it if you like.