New Hypercar from Rimac Automobili soon in Geneva

Rimac Automobili New Concept Car Name is Unknown

New Hypercar from Rimac Automobili soon in Geneva
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Read all relevant facts about this beautiful hypercar, and one of the first who will know what to expect.

Anyone who has been tracking the development of electric cars over the last couple of years will agree that the Rimac cars are the fastest supersport cars in the world. They started the era of electric supersport cars, both with specs and look. Many people were in dilemma about Concept One, is it supercar or maybe hypercar? With their new car there is no dilemma, it will be a hyper car, and it will come in more than just 8 cars. This time over 100, with track version too.

The name of this extremely fast car is still unknown and will be released at Geneva Motorshow, where will be presented for the first time. The technical characteristics are hidden in secrecy, however the basics are known. The new car will be more spacious, faster, more luxurious and even more technologically innovative than its predecessor. For anyone who does not know, Concept One had a 1224 horsepower in last edition, a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 2.5 seconds, top speed of 355 km/h, while its autonomy was over 200 kilometers.

The torque was extreme with 1600 Nm.

How to surpass evolution?

With revolution. Let's go with the facts. The previous car had a battery capacity of 90 kWh, while new should have about 120 kWh (that info leaked while ago), so the autonomy of the vehicle should be bigger and even more extreme (that part is confirmed by Rimac Automobili). An important difference is in manageability. Namely, although Concept One was an incredible car that could be adjusted as desired, where car parameters could be tracked, this will be a step forward. In Rimac Automobili, they claim that this will be the first car with level 4 autonomy, meaning that the car could drive with minimal driver assistance. Sounds incredible, but true.

Many wonder why to put such technology in an extreme car, but the thing is very simple. Rimac produces also own technology, so apart from the car, the company sells technology as well. Hypercar will be a bait for all speed lovers, while will be a bait for the rest of the auto industry.

About the design

I did not expect such a nice car, personally and I'm pleasantly surprised. The beautiful Concept One silhouette is still visible, what is definitely important for the company, while on the other hand it has elements that create a beautiful final line, although some parts look like something similar from other cars. But hey, who can say it does not look similar to another car in modern car industry? It is quite clear that we look into an extreme car with more power and speed. We can see also rear spoiler and buautiful front panel elements, not to mention cooler side mirrors, doors and stronger lateral lines! All that will give more downforce, in short, it will be better on the track.

This is what is currently known, but judging by the company's comment, it's just tiny part of what they will show us. What they have for us, can be seen at the Geneva Motorshow from 8-18 March 2018. Only few more days left to the presentation of new Rimac hypercar, until then, enjoy in the picture that was officially announced by the company.

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