Classic Car Show at Bobo's Cafe is something to do on Saturday Night in Somers

Somers Car Show at Bobo's Cafe is a Social Event every Saturday Night

Classic Car Show at Bobo's Cafe is something to do on Saturday Night in Somers
Image Source - Photo by Rich Monetti
Coverage of weekly Car Show and Oldies Groove at Bobo's Cafe in Somers, NY

As the new owners of Bobo's Cafe with his sons, Glen Bernardi frequently hears that there isn't much to do around town. Not letting the coffee or conversation get him on edge, he's done more than have a sympathetic ear and put the parking lot and pavement  in motion by grooving Somers with some oldies Rock 'n Roll on Classic Car Saturday Nights.

"Instead of being cooped up, this is something to to on a beautiful summer night, and it's becoming a real social event," said Bernardi during the third Saturday Night Car Show.

Bosco Bancroft of Bedford Hills made the most of it and seemed at ease in the rewards his hard work has reaped.  "It has an English Ford frame, a Chevy motor and a Ford rear," he said.

A project he likened to the bonds of matrimony.  "It's like my second wife, I built it from the ground up," said Bancroft.

His wife, though, wasn't sure who had most of his attention. "Yeah, he spent every night for ten years with her," she joked.  

Derrick Kielb understood the attraction and how it works in both directions for female admirers - especially if experience adds to her beauty.

"The young girls don't appreciate the car, but the older ones do," he said of his 66 Ford. 

The Mahopac resident manages the upkeep, but acknowledged all the help he had in bringing his 66 up to speed. "There was a lot of work and learning from people who lived back in the day," said Kielb. "That includes my Aunt Paula, my Uncle Joe (Nappi) and my friend Al."

George Bateman kept it in the family too. "This car means the world to me," he said of his 1955 Chevy Nomad. "This was my Dad's car. Now it's mine, and someday it will be my son's."

But he wasn't shy about pointing out his place as a car show novice. "You can see I'm new to this, because everyone else pulled in backwards so you can see the engine. I also parked under a tree," he said. "I'm probably going to have to clean bird crap off it tomorrow." 

Despite having a yellow Viper with plenty of bite, Paul Battaglia resonated restraint and had no inking to flap his gums about probably having the most under the hood among the 20 cars on display. "I always wanted a Viper, and I pretty much drive it nowhere but car shows," said Battaglia.

His wife, on the other hand, takes the credit for giving him the green light as his life was about to stretch to a halt   "You're retiring, what are going to do with yourself," Barb Battaglia convinced him.  

She liked the color too and was also on point about his idle time. "He got bored and went back to work," Barb joked.

Across the way, a woman also stood behind a 2016 Dodge Hellcat. "You've worked your ass off, you deserve it," Steve Iaciofano conveyed his wife's reasoning.

A little rationalizing paved the way for the purple blaze he proudly displayed. "I'd rather you have four tires than two legs," she told him as midlife stared him down. 

Helga Stanton had no reservation when it came to flaunting her mistress. "I call it the Duchess. I drive it around and honk the horn, said the Somers resident of her 1953 MG TD. "People know it's me in my Helga car."

Minus any fancy wheels to boast, Fabiana Hershfield welcomed this cruise control over another numbing night on the touch screen.  "My kids would be playing with their iPads. This a great chance for kids to experience a little history on a beautiful evening."  

And so it rolls - see you next Saturday.

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