The best anti car theft devices ideal for your car

Every car owner desires to have his or her car protected from theft, however not every car owner is aware of some of the best anti car theft devices available. There is no guarantee whatsoever that your car won't be broken into, but there are certain ways in which you can prevent it from happening.

There various car security options available which you can use to protect your car from theft or being broken into. The following are some of the best anti car theft devices which you can use to keep your car safe.

A car alarm
One of the best and common anti car theft devices is the car alarm. An alarm system will definitely repel car thieves and keep your car safe. You should install a good car alarm system which is activated the moment the car is broken into or when someone tampers either with the door, windows etc.

Most car alarms have electronic sensors which are activated when there is sudden movement of the car, breaking of glass and perimeter violations. The electronic sensors of the alarm system will go off when a threat is detected.

You should always link your car alarm to a hood lock which is hard to disengage and making it hard for a car thief to disconnect the alarm system.

You should ask the advice of an auto dealer on which is the most suitable alarm system for your car.

Install a steering wheel lock
Another brilliant device which you can use to protect your car from being stolen is by installing a steering wheel lock. The steering wheel lock works in such a way that when the car starts to move the steering wheel lock will immediately become locked and the car will not be able to move any further until the lock is deactivated.

This anti car theft device is perhaps among the top best anti theft devices suitable for your car available on the market today.

A mechanical immobilizer
The mechanical immobilizer is also a good anti car theft device which you can use to protect your car from being stolen. This device is designed to restrict movement of the car. One of the main advantages of using a mechanical immobilizer is that even if the car is stolen it can be driven too far without becoming immobile.

A hood lock
This type of device will block any access to the car battery therefore making hard for a car thief to sell off parts. You should consider using a hood lock as an anti theft device for your car.

Other car anti theft locks
There are several other locks which you can use to protect your car from theft such as the tire lock, gearshift lock, ignition and steering wheel column locks, brake pedal locks etc. All the above mentioned locks are a perfect choice for car anti theft devices.

The kill switch device
You can also opt to use the kill switch device which is activated to shut down part of the car's engine electrical system making the car immobile. One of the most popular models is the Master Lock Starter Sentry which disables the car starter system through a wireless transmitter.

An electronic immobilizer
Most cars do have standards car keys which have built in transponders which send signals to the ignition and fuel pump systems. When a car thief tries to use the car without these signals then the car will fail to start therefore making the car immobile.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etching method
Every car has a VIN number which is inscribed on the dashboard on the driver's side and all your car documentation such as the car insurance card and the car registration (also known as a log book). You can protect your car against theft by etching the car's VIN number on all the windows, and the interior parts such as the dashboard.

This method is used to track your car in that the car is stolen and also acts as theft deterrent. Most car thieves will stay away from a car which has been etched because of the fact that they will easily get caught once the car has been reported missing or stolen. You can hire a professional to etch your car and prevent it from being stolen.

Installing an anti theft device(s) in your car might cost you a good amount of money but it is worth it. The above mentioned anti car theft devices will definitely keep your car safe from car thieves. Seek expert advice from your auto mechanic and choose the best anti car theft device(s) which will suit your needs.

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