How to Maintain Your Motorbike

Whether you go to your office, college, market, movie or for dating with your girlfriend, your bike is your companion. It is a unique experience to ride a bike. It gives you pleasure. But do you take care of your bike.Do you maintain your bike yourself? Most of us will answer it in NO. Even most experienced bike riders or bikers also don't know maintaining of their bikes, what to tell about new one. It is not difficult to maintain.

It does not need any special skill and experience. Just take little effort and time. But you can save a lot of money. It will give safe riding and good experience if it is properly maintained. There is no need to buy expensive tools for it, just have ordinary tools. When to maintain and which part, you can check in the manual.

There are certain tips to take care for your bike:

1. Tyre Air Pressures should be maintained properly. Check it at least weekly once. And fill it according to recommended pressure limit. Check tyre condition also.

2. Check the brakes and adjust them properly. Brakes should not be much tight or much loose. Extra tightening can jam brakes and loose brakes will not stop bike when it is required.

3. Changing engine oil is very essential for good health of engine. If you don't change engine oil frequently, it may damage your engine slowly. Change engine oil frequently. Engine oil lubricates gears and engines. Use always good quality engine oil from recognized shops only.

4. Lubricate the chain properly. If you don't lubricate it, it may damage due to heat. Lubrication provides it long life. During lubricating the chain, lubricant should not get on rims otherwise it is difficult to apply brakes.

5. Washing your bike will clean all the dirt and it will look attractive also. If any part is very dirty you can use old tooth brush to clean it. If some thing is missing you can easily notice it, if your bike is clean. It will improve the life of your bike also. After washing use a soft cotton cloth to dry it. Don't use dryer.

6. Don't use any chemicals and detergents to clean your bike. It may hamper the brightness of your bike. If rubbing is required rub it gently.

7. Clean dust and dirt every day by cloth. It is just 2 minute job. It will not let pile the dust on your vehicle.

8. Keep your bike always under shade. It will save your bike from direct sunlight and rain. It will save fuel and paint of your vehicle. Fuel will not evaporate due to heat. In rainy season, rust can spoil the different parts specially rim. Always keep your bike under waterproof, nontransparent cover.

Bike is a good medium of transportation. Just think how much it making our life easier. I hope you are able to learn that how to maintain your motorbike. If you take care of it, It will take care of you.

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